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Islamic Finance

Our lawyers advise leading Islamic and conventional financial institutions, as both lenders and issuers/borrowers, on Islamic financing products and techniques for over 30 years. We combine our deep market knowledge and insight with our expertise in Islamic legal principles, structures and techniques to orchestrate the most appropriate solutions in accordance with the principles and values of Islam.

Al Markaz is specialized in:
  • Different Islamic financial, partnership and sale structures such as the Murabaha Musharaka
  • Mudaraba, Ijara, Wakala, Musawama, Bai’Mu’ajjal, Istisna’, Muqawala and Tawarruq
  • Lease arrangements with sale and purchase options
  • Conditional sale contracts
  • Project finance
  • Long and short term debt packages
  • The grant of different kinds of security by borrowers
  • Insolvency and protection of creditor rights