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Al-Markaz and the first judicial decision in Kuwait obliging the Kuwait Stock Exchange Management Committee to list a company on the official trading market:

The Kuwaiti Court of Appeal rendered its final decision to list the shares of a Holding Co in the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange Market

The Litigation team at Al-Markaz secured the first judicial decision of its kind in the State of Kuwait, delivered by the Administrative Court, in which the court overruled the decision of the Stock Market Management Committee rejecting the application for listing of the Holding Company K.S.C a real estate company on the official trading market.

The decision required the Market Management Committee to list this company in the list of companies quoted in the official market. The court ordered that substantial interim compensation should be paid to the company. Al-Markaz has created a precedent and by this court decision has given the green light to many other companies whose application to list their shares in Kuwait had been previously rejected.

Lawyers Involved:

Fawwaz Al Saeed – Managing Partner

Ismail Mgly – Senior Associate