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A Verdict for the favor of Al Markaz's Client not to enforce a Foreign Verdict issued in a foreign country demanding Al Markaz's Client to pay 7 million K.D.

The claimant secured foreign verdict (outside the State of Kuwait) against Al Markaz’s Client, a listed company, to pay an amount of KWD 7 million, and has proceeded with completing execution procedures in Kuwait with regards to the said amount awarded.

AL Markaz Law Firm acted and litigated on behalf of the client with regards to challenging the execution procedures on the grounds of lack of conditions for the claim filed by the claimant, which included providing a copy of the foreign vedict and non-availability of the condition of the execution version of the foreign verdict which the claimant has sought to execute in State of Kuwait. The Kuwaiti court found in favor of Al Markaz’s Client.

Lawyers Involved:

Qutyaba Al Saeed – Lawyer and Head of Litigation Department

Ismail Megaly – Senior Associate

Hassan Shama – Senior Associate